Russell Blackford

Country of origin, residence or nationality: Australia
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There are 2 books listed by the author Russell Blackford.

Title Description
T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour
$16.95 Paperback
Image of T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour. Terminator 2 John Connor Chronicles 02
Signed copy! John Connor and his mother Sarah face a squad of Terminators from another timeline who are determined to start the war John is trying to forestall, but they get an unexpected ally - a ... ISBN: 074345863X
T2: Dark Futures
$14.95 Paperback
Image of T2: Dark Futures. Terminator 2 The New John Connor Chronicles
After destroying SkyNet, Sarah Connor and her son are convinced they have altered the future forever, but when another Terminator appears bent on killing John, they realize they have not quite finishe ... ISBN: 0743445112

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