Neal Asher

From Essex but lives in Crete a lot too.
Country of origin, residence or nationality: Britain
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There are 2 books listed by the author Neal Asher.

Title Description
The Technician
$22.99 B Paperback
Image of The Technician. Poilty
The new standalone novel by Neal Asher featuring two of his favourite Polity creations the hooder and the gabbleduck The Theocracy has been dead for twenty years, and the Polity rules on Masada ... ISBN: 9780330457620
The Gabble and Other Stories
$21.99 A Paperback
Image of The Gabble and Other Stories. Polity
"What has six arms, a large beak, looks like a pyramid, has more eyes than you'd expect and talks nonsense? If you don't know the answer to that, then 1) you should and 2) you haven't been reading Nea ... ISBN: 0330457594

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