Decay 10

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Barcode/ISBN13: 19507
Imprint/Brand: Dark Oz
Release Date: Nov 2011
Format: Magazine
Series: Decay 10
Price $AUD: $8.00
Categories: Magazine / Periodical
Graphic Novel / Manga

What an awesome cover by Simon Wright, featuring the "SISTERS" in the wild west. The cover links directly with the "Sisters" story inside this issue. Titled "The Bucket Of Blood" and drawn by Cristian Navarro this story sees the three Vampire sisters in 8 pages of sex and violence. Jason Franks and Luke Andrew join DECAY with their story "Under the Sycamore". Greg Chapman and John Stewart team up for "The Burial Plot", and Gemma Burrato supplies her unique style of art on the "Honeymooners" story, a relentless tale of survival and science fiction. We also have 4 of the short 2-page stories grouped together as "Tales 2 Tremble By". Featured here is another "Sisters" story, this time set in modern times, Tom Green returns to DECAY for "The Well", Tanya Nicholls draws the "Gargoyles" and newcomer Shane Gates supplies "Harvester of Sorrow". Newcomers Emerson Ward and Daniel Watts supply 'hosts'. Plus we have two huge name international guests: Dave Kendall with the page 3 'host' and John Higgins with the full colour back cover. Dave has worked on Toxic!, Bad planet, World of Warcraft and much more. John has worked on Judge Dredd, 2000AD, The Thing From Another World, The Hills Have Eyes and much, much more.

Issue 10 photo articles:
Armageddon Melbourne 2011
Adelaide Zomnie Walk 2011
AVCon/Oz Asia Festival 2011
Royal Show Ute Muster 2011

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