Infinitas Guild

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Join us - The benefits of being a member of the Infinitas Guild include:

Joining the guild is the proper way to subscribe to our newsletter, which is genuinely awaited and read each month by members. The guild is our loyality scheme, which we treat seriously. We, the team at Infinitas, appreciate the support of guild members, and so we value and support the guild.
Guild membership is intended for customers. We reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone, but this is rare. Periodically we review the newsletter mailout lists and prune the list of incomplete applications, bouncing email addresses and other bad data. Keep your membership current by keeping in contact with us. The best way to do this is by buying a book. The next best way is to give us feedback on our newsletter. Participate, enter the competitions, have fun, read....
Please also sign yourself up to our online discussions the Infinitas Forums. This is where we at the shop, and others in our community, post news and comments and discuss our genre. To post you will to register seperately to the forums.

Last updated 6th February 2009.