Ken MacLeod book signing

Ken MacLeod

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Ken MacLeod visited us on the evening of Monday 31st March 2008. We were honoured that Ken interrupted his holiday to visit Infinitas. He chatted with fans and signed their books. He also signed plenty of shop copies for our shelves. Check out his book listing and our Infinitas Newsletter April 2008 for more.
Ken talked of his planned intriguing new novel. It will be a police procedural story set approximately a century into the future. Society has been radically secularised in reaction to the long "faith wars", after the "oil war". Religion is the new heresy.
Ken answered many questions from readers, including the following two:
Q: Which of your novels is your favourite? A: Stone Canal.
Q: In which of your novels or worlds would you most like to live? A: Sky Road, and definitely not Execution Channel.

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