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Infinitas shop front window display.
Infinitas shop front window display.
Infinitas shop front window display.
Infinitas shop front window display.

Infinitas has been providing science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, roleplaying gaming, popular science and other books, artwork, games and figurines since 1991. From startup in 1991 to the end of 2012 Infinitas operated as a retail bookshop in Parramatta, Sydney. At the end of 2012 the premises real estate was sold and Infinitas moved out. From the begining of 2013 Infintas operates online, without a shopfront.

We stock books that the other big bookshops don't. At Infinitas we love books and our genre. We enthusiatically try to tempt you with new books and fond favourites.
Infinitas is one of the significant players in the Australian market for science fiction and fantasy books. Our substantial monthly newsletter is well respected and widely read. We offer it free as an email subscription. We publish short stories in our newsletter and online.

Over the years we have supported a very active community of readers and gamers participating in our many regular events. As we no longer can provide a physical venue for gamers and readers, most of the groups no longer meet, however, two do continue. All welcome to all groups and events.

Third Thursday of the month: Review Group

The Infinitas Review Group discusses science fiction and fantasy novels. Usually the group has selected titles for discussion a month or two in advance. Often two books are selected with the expectation people will read one of them prior to the meeting. Wine, cheese, biscuits, chips, etc are shared. 6:30pm start, finish up around 8:30pm. New Venue: Mar Hill Cafe.

Every second Saturday: Dungeons and Dragons

The regular D&D games have moved to Parramatta Library. New Location: Retro Room, Parramatta City Council Library, Civic Place, Parramatta. The Retro room is on the mezzanine level - enter the library, go up the stairs to the first landing and the Retro room is towards the East (left). Games played include 4th editiion D&D, 1st edtion D&D, Pathfinder, Star War RPG. Typically games carry over from session to session but casual and new players are welcome. Usually there will be 3 different games running simultaneously, which is about the limit of the venue. The Retro Room has a kitchentte and allows drinks and food. Bring your own dice and character, if you can. We will be able to provide a pre-prepared character for you if required. More information at D&D games.

Book Reviews

We welcome written book reviews for inclusion in our Infinitas Newsletter and on our website. If you have an opinion to share, write a review for us. Check out what book reviews others have submitted. We usually have several free books provided by publishers seeking reviews, which we offer in exchange for a review. Ask at the shop to peruse the current review book pile.

Infinitas Forums

Visit and contribute to our forums on this website.

Blokey Stuff

Infinitas is the bookshop side of our business. The gadget side of us is Blokey Stuff. These two sides have different marketing identities and websites but we are the same people.

Mailing Lists

We maintain various opt-in email lists to notify people of these activities. These are free notifications, give us your email address for reminders. Lists include: MTG, Boardgames, D&D, Infinitas Newsletter, Blokey Stuff newsletter, and other less frequent lists.