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2009 Sydney Freecon
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Author:  Garrry [ Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:39 pm ]
Post subject:  2009 Sydney Freecon

A Short Story Writing Competition with Multiple Cash Prizes, only at the
2009 Sydney Freecon!

Easy Money for Hard SF or Fantasy
Or turn your imagination into Cash?
Multiple Cash Prizes!
There will again be a Short Science Fiction Story Writing Competition at this year?s Sydney Freecon, held this year at Bankstown City library over three sessions; November 27 to 29, 2009 (Friday night 6-8 pm, Saturday 9 am?4 pm, Sunday 1-4 pm). The best dozen or so entries received will be displayed during all sessions of the Freecon. Anyone with an Australian mailing address may enter this competition, although Prize Money will only be awarded to those who attend all or part of the Freecon. I.e. even if you can?t attend the Freecon you can enter the competition, come First or Second etc. get a certificate but a share in the Cash Prize Pool is only available to those who attended the Freecon. Your entry can be on any SF theme or topic. The only real restriction on style, font or spacing is that the each story or poem must be submitted on one or two standard A4 sized pages and this is what the Freecon members will read/vote on.

This competition is intended to be easy to enter and easy to run. Through the public display of entries and subsequent disclosure of voting results it provides a level of feedback to all those who enter the competition. The purpose of this competition is to encourage people who are interested in writing SF&F to take part in the Freecon and to encourage Freecon members to try to write Science Fiction.

The Entry fee for this competition is only $5.50 (in the form of ten $0.55 cent stamps), allowing you to enter two stories or two pages of poems.

Competition Dates;
Opens ? Friday August 21, 2009
Closes ? Friday November 20, 2009
Judged ? At the Freecon, Saturday November 28

All Freecon / Competition correspondence to;
The 2009 Freecon?s Short Story competition,
Post Office Box 152, Bexley North NSW 2207

The best entries received will be displayed at the Freecon and voted on by all attending members of the Freecon.
One Important Condition ? The Freecon?s Short Story competition is open to anyone with a valid Australian postal address, whether you are from Sydney or interstate. Anyone can enter, get displayed, get voted on and even have your story declared the popular choice of the competition, BUT to share in any cash prizes YOU HAVE TO ATTEND THE FREECON. If you can?t attend the Friday, Saturday or Sunday session then you are unable to receive a cash prize. Your story can still be declared the winner, you get the certificate etc, but the cash from the prize pool will only go to those who registered and attended the Freecon.

Why hold a Competition like this? ? Short Story competitions are a long standing tradition at (book based) SF conventions as many SF fans are also interested in writing SF. This competition is to encourage people to write SF and to attend the Sydney Freecon. The competition and judging format is intended to produce several ?winners? and small cash encouragement prizes for several entries rather than just one winner.

The Entry Process
1. All entries received, with forms correctly filled out / signed and the en $0.55 postage stamp entry fee, will be acknowledged by mail.
2. Prior to the Freecon all entrants will be contacted about which of their stories have made the cut to be displayed during the Freecon.
3. After the votes are counted at the Freecon, the ranking of all stories (based on votes cast) will be announced at the Freecon.
4. After the Freecon the surplus available for the Prize Pool and individual prize amounts will be calculated and these amounts distributed.
5. All entrants will also receive notification of how their story went in the competition, compared to all the other stories that were displayed during the Freecon and voted on.
6. As a matter of course you will probably receive by mail an invitation by mail to take part in the Short Story competition of the next year?s Freecon.

The Judging Process - A dozen or so of the best entries received twill be selected by Freecon Convenor Garry Dalrymple and photocopied up to an A3 size for display at the Freecon. All who register and attend the Freecon will be issued with voting tickets allowing them an optional preferential vote for one or for several of the stories on display. *There is no charge to register as a member of the Freecon
When It?s done ? The best dozen or so entries will be displayed during the three sessions of the Freecon at Bankstown City Library. Everyone who registers and attends the Freecon on Friday Nov 27 (5.30 to 8 pm) and Saturday Nov 28 (9 am to 4 pm) will get to read and vote on the displayed entries. Votes will be counted and results declared at around 3.30 pm on Saturday.
The Cash Prize Pool ? As a result of using inexpensive venues, volunteer labour and proceeds from the Auction of donated SF&F material, all previous Freecons have resulted in a cash surplus after unavoidable out of pocket costs are met. This year the Freecon starts with $125 from the 2008 Freecon and the surplus from the 2009 Freecon will be divided thus; 10% for the Freecon?s preferred charities ?Siera Unite? and ?Meteor Inc.?, with 40% passed on for next year?s Freecon and 40% for the Freecon surplus added to the competition Prize Pool.

Why is the competition judged this way? - Most SF&F short Story competitions use a panel of judges, usually published writers (or sometimes just their friends?). The Judges have to read through all the entries, meet and discuss them etc. This is a lot to ask busy people to do in a hurry! The declared ?winner? may be a behind the scenes compromise between several very different and very good stories, but you are unlikely to know this without the disclosure of how close the other ?non-winning? stories went to being the winner.

Results, Certificates and winners Cheques - will be sent out during the week after the Freecon, probably during the first week in December, 2009.

The 2009 Short Story Competition Entry form

(Please fill out one copy of this for each short story or poem submitted)

Name of writer /s ???????????????????????????????????

Name of Story ????????????????????????????????????

(Optional) Why you feel that this story is ?Science Fiction? ??????????.???????


The contact details for any correspondence on this entry should be:

Name ??????????????????????????...?????????????

Postal address ???????????????????????????????????


(Optional) Email ???????????????????????????????????

(Optional) Phone number/s ??????????????????????????????

In the event of this story receiving a place / allocation from the prize pool
(Cross out that which does not match your intentions)

1. I wish to receive the cash or

2. I would prefer the cash to be returned to the prize pool for further distribution


In the event of a Publishing inquiry about this story (cross out that which does not apply)

1. I want my contact details disclosed or, 2. I Do Not want my contact details disclosed

I/We certify that all the above is true and accurately reflects my intentions. Dated / / 2009

Signature/s Name/s

1 ??????????????????????????????????????????

2 ??????????????????????????????????????????

3 ??????????????????????????????????????????
Fill out a copy of this page for each story / poem you wish to enter in the competition and post it (with $5.50 in postage stamps) to ?
?The Short Story competition of the 2009 Sydney Freecon, Post Office Box 152, Bexley North NSW 2207? ? G. P. Dalrymple
What?s so different about this Short Story competition?
Firstly, it is for Science Fiction. ?Speculative Fiction?, Horror, Sci-Fi Fan Fic (Non-Slash please) and even Fantasy are welcome, as long as you can make a case that it is Science Fictional.
Secondly, the stories will be judged by the people who show up to the Freecon, ?ordinary SF fans? who read SF books, buy them or borrow them from the library.
Thirdly, every story displayed will receive a pseudonym; names like ?Ashley Hydrogen, Brian Helium etc, so no matter how much of a newcomer you are to writing, your story will judged purely on its merits. The winner need not be a writer of ?reputation?.
Fourthly, If you enter a story and attend the Freecon you also get to a chance to see how good (or bad) the other competition entries are. You can also discuss your or the other stories with people at the Freecon and get some rare audience feedback and / or advice about how to improve your next stories.
Fifthly, After the Freecon I will tell you how your story went compared to all the other stories and how close you came to winning.
Sixthly, If you enter, and if your story is any good but not ?best?, then you will get some cash and a certificate as a reward (beats a rejection slip any day?). Prize money from this competition might be the first dollar you ever see from writing SF!

The Cash Prize Pool ? As a result of using inexpensive venues, volunteer labour and proceeds from the Auction of donated SF&F material, all previous Freecons have resulted in a cash surplus after unavoidable out of pocket costs are met. This year the Freecon starts with $146 from the 2008 Freecon and the surplus from the 2009 Freecon will be divided thus; 10% for the Freecon?s preferred charities ?Siera Unite? and ?Meteor Inc.?, with 40% passed on for next year?s Freecon and 40% for the Freecon surplus added to the competition Prize Pool.

Freecon Short Story competition list of ?Musts?
- The Story must be recognizably ?Science Fiction?
- The Story must have been written after November 2008
- The Story must Not have been published before October 2009
- The Story must Not have won awards elsewhere (before October 2009)
- Each story submitted must be typed / printed on only one or two A4 pages
- Each Story / Poem must be submitted on One or Two standard A4 pages.
- The Story entered must be your own work. Two or more writers may collaboration on a story, if so this must be clearly disclosed on the application form.
- Each story entered must come with a completed and signed entry form and payment of $5.50, as ten $0.55 stamps. No cheques please, we?re Amish!

Subject? Font? Spacings? - It?s All up to you! - What subject you want to write about in your entry, what type face or size of font you use, it is all up to you. Just remember that what you send in has to be put up on a wall and read!

One Story or Two? - if you enter two or more stories / poems they will each be judged in isolation, i.e. by you putting in two equally good entries you might split the vote you could have received by only entering one, but it is likely that your combined second and third prize money will be much more than the cash / vote you might have received for a first prize if you hadn?t entered the two stories.

Science Fiction / Fantasy Poetry? - You may enter Science Fictional or Fantasy based Poetry in this short story competition. There will be no separate judging for poems Vs stories. Each one or two page poem (or shorter) is treated as being half a two short story entry (for $5.50).
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Author:  Garrry [ Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  Freecon Attending Writers

Freecon Writers Revealed!
I am very pleased to be able to announce that eight writers taking part in the 2009 Sydney Freecon are;

Maggie Ball - Repulsion Thrust (SF Poetry)

Alan Baxter - MageSign and RealmShift

Felicity Bloomfield - Daylight (a twittertale)

Pamela Freeman ? Full Circle, Book 3 Castings Trilogy

Richard Harland - Worldshaker
Websites: and

Duncan Lay - The Wounded Guardian

Gillian Polack ? Life Through Cellophane

Maria Quinn - The Gene Thieves

And Margaret Attwood * The Hand Maiden?s Tale, The Oryx and the Crake
* Who won?t be attending in person or by remote, as she says that what she writes isn?t Science Fiction - GPD

There is a very good chance that Van Ikin will also be taking part in the Saturday session of the Freecon!
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