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Marcos Donnelly Image of Prophets For the End of Time. Prophets For the End of Time
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0671577751
The Heavenly Hosts, having decided the time has come for the Apocalypse, name two unlikely humans wh...
Keith Donohue Image of The Stolen Child. The Stolen Child
$28.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1400096537
Stolen by changelings from his family and home, Henry Day is given the name Aniday by the ageless an...
Carole Nelson Douglas The Adventuress
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765347156
Previously published as Good Morning, Irene.
Carole Nelson Douglas Image of Castle Rouge. Castle Rouge
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765345714
When a man pretending to be Jack the Ripper escapes from a lunatic asylum in Paris, Sherlock Holmes ...
Carole Nelson Douglas Chapel Noir
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0765343479
Sherlock Holmes's female nemesis, Irene Adler is called in to investigate the brutal slayings of sev...
Carole Nelson Douglas Image of Dancing With Werewolves. Dancing With Werewolves
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0809572036
It was the revelation of the millenium: witches, werewolves, vampires, and other supernaturals are r...
Carole Nelson Douglas Exiles of the Rinth
$9.95 Paperback ISBN 0345308360
As prisoner of the Stonekeeper Sofistron, Irissa is drained of her sorceress powers by the walls of ...
Carole Nelson Douglas Heir of Rengarth
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0812500466
When Irissa, the Torloc seeress, is struck down by a malign force, Kendric is certain that the evil ...
Ian Douglas Image of Earth Strike. Earth Strike
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0061840254
The first book in the epic saga of humankind's war of transcendence There is a milestone in the e...
Ian Douglas Image of Singularity. Singularity
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0061840270
As the politcal powers on Earth seek a separate peace with an inscrutable alien life form after the ...
L Warren Douglas Image of Isle Beyond Time. Isle Beyond Time
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0743435982
Working throughout the centuries to stem the forces of Evil, Pierrette, a young Provencal sorceress,...
L Warren Douglas Image of Sacred Pool. Sacred Pool
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0743435303
As dark, evil machines threaten to engulf Citharista with the Black Time, young Pierrette journeys a...
L Warren Douglas Image of Veil of Years. Veil of Years
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0743435508
As the history of her world begins to slowly and mysteriously vanish, Pierette, a young apprentice m...
Sara Douglass Image of BattleAxe. BattleAxe
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732258650
The acclaimed international bestseller. A thousand years ago the Acharites drove the Forbidden from...
Sara Douglass Image of Darkwitch Rising. Darkwitch Rising
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 0732271606
Out of a city devastated by plague and fire rises the most powerful Darkwitch in history. Restor...
Sara Douglass God's Concubine
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0732271622
It has been 2000 years since Cornelia, wife of Brutus, brought the Troy Game to a wrenching halt by ...
Sara Douglass Image of God's Concubine. God's Concubine
$20.00 Hardcover ISBN 0732271614
The second compelling instalment of The Troy Game - the sequel to Hades' Daughter. It has been 20...
Sara Douglass Image of The Infinity Gate. The Infinity Gate
$32.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 0732282926
No one is safe when even the past can't be trusted Elcho falling is under siege from the forces of i...
Sara Douglass The Infinity Gate
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780732282936
No one is safe when even the past can?t be trusted Elcho Falling is under siege from the forces of i...
Sara Douglass Image of Nameless Day. Nameless Day
$21.99 Paperback ISBN 0732265509
They teeter on the edge of hell, the select priests who do the will of the angels Reveal this secre...
Sara Douglass Image of Sinner. Sinner
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732259398
Caelum SunSoar has succeeded Axis as supreme ruler of Tencendor, but simmering tensions threaten to ...
Sara Douglass Image of Starman. Starman
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732251591
The acclaimed international bestseller in a fresh new jacket. Weakened by their terrible encounter ...
Terry Dowling MORTAL FIRE
$14.25 ISBN 0340608544
Terry Dowling Image of Southern Blood. Southern Blood
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0958073902
A collection of gothic, supernatural, unsettling and unrelenting horror stories. A good representa...
Arthur Conan Doyle Image of The Lost World. The Lost World
$13.95 Paperback ISBN 0812564839
When four Englishmen and their guides venture into a "prehistoric," remote plateau in the South Amer...
Debra Doyle Image of By Honor Betray'D. By Honor Betray'D
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812517067
The last Domina of Lost Entibor, Beka RosselinMetadi struggles to salvage what she can from the dest...
$16.40 Paperback ISBN 0091873304
Debra Doyle Image of Stars Assunder. Stars Assunder
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812571924
In this new story of the MageWorlds, where the most powerful Magecircle ever is determined to reach ...
Gardner Dozois Image of Dangerous Games. Dangerous Games
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441014909
Featuring contributions from Alastair Reynolds, Allen Steele, Kate Wilhelm, Vernor Vinge, Cory Docto...
Gardner Dozois Image of Isaac Asimov's Solar System. Isaac Asimov's Solar System
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0441006981
The nine planets of the solar system are explored through the imaginations of some of the great arti...
Gardner Dozois Image of Roads not Taken: Tales of Alternate History. Roads not Taken: Tales of Alternate History
$17.40 Paperback ISBN 0345421949
An introduction to the increasingly popular genre of alternate history contains ten stories by such ...
David Drake Image of Balefires. Balefires
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1597801321
Balefires is the long-awaited collection of David Drake's weird and fantastic fiction. Before Drake ...
David Drake Image of The Dance of Time. The Dance of Time
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1416521372
Armed with a mystical jewel from the future, Belisarius, the greatest general of his age, musters th...
David Drake Flames of Sunset
$28.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1439133026
Concluding the popular Belisarius saga, with two full-length novels in one volume: The Tide of V...
David Drake Image of The Fortress of Glass. The Fortress of Glass
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765351161
Journeying to the small kingdoms of the Isles to confirm his succession to the throne, Prince Garric...
David Drake Image of The Gods Return. The Gods Return
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765351188
The Isles have been more or less unified under Garric’s rule, but the Change that created the contin...
David Drake Image of Legions of Fire. Legions of Fire
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765360454
In this novel of magical menace to the survival of all humanity, David Drake introduces a new fantas...
David Drake Image of Lord of the Isles. Lord of the Isles
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0812522400
Mysteriously transported one thousand years into the future after a cataclysm destroys the empire of...
David Drake Image of Master of the Cauldron. Master of the Cauldron
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812561708
When humanity is threatened by dangerous levels of uncontrolled magic throughout the Isles, regent G...
David Drake Image of The Mirror of Worlds. The Mirror of Worlds
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780765351173
The powers of magic in the Isles have flooded to a thousand-year peak, and even the local magicians ...
David Drake Image of Out of the Waters. Out of the Waters
$49.95 Hardcover ISBN 0765320797
The second novel of The Books of the Elements. The wealthy Governor Saxa, of the great city of Ca...
David Drake Image of Queen of Demons. Queen of Demons
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0812564936
In the world of the Isles, the elemental forces of magic are rising to a thousand-year peak. A small...
David Drake Image of Some Golden Harbor. Some Golden Harbor
$51.95 Hardcover ISBN 1416520805
With the war continuing between the Republic of Cinnabar and the tyrannical Alliance, Daniel Leary, ...
David Drake Image of The Warmasters. The Warmasters
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0743471857
Novellas from 3 masters. "Ms Midshipwoman Harrington" by Weber, "Choosing Sides" by Drake and "The I...
David Drake Image of What Distant Deeps. What Distant Deeps
$25.00 Hardcover ISBN 1439133662
NO REST FOR THE WEARY Captain Daniel Leary and his friend, the spy Adele Mundy, have be...
Emily Drake Image of Magickers Chronicles Volume 2. Magickers Chronicles Volume 2
$20.95 Paperback ISBN 0756406374
The final battle between the Magickers, who believe in using magic for good, and the Dark Hand, who ...
Ernest Drake Image of Field Guide to Dragons. Field Guide to Dragons
$29.95 Hardcover ISBN 9781741787054
Featuring twelve scientifically accurate models of dragons, this field guide is a volume no serious ...
Ernest Drake Tracking and Taming Dragons
$24.95 Hardcover ISBN 1741781264
Shannon Drake Image of Night of the Wolves. Night of the Wolves
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0373774044
When her visions lead her to sacred Indian Territory in Victory, Texas, Alexandra Gordon, searching ...
Shannon Drake Image of The Queen's Lady. The Queen's Lady
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0373772319
After staking her fortune and reputation to help Mary, Queen of Scots take her rightful place on the...
Stephanie Draven Image of Poisoned Kisses. Poisoned Kisses
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 037361845X
Daughter of the war god Ares, Kyra had been born into darkness—a darkness she'd vowed to annihilate....
Diane Duane STTOS: Rihannsu: Swordhunt
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0671042092
After rescuing Dr. Leonard McCoy from the Romulans and stealing the sword that represented the legen...
Kathleen Duey Image of Skin Hunger. Skin Hunger
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 1847381340
Sadima lives in a world where magic has been banned, leaving poor villagers prey to fakes and charla...
Robert Dunbar Image of The Pines. The Pines
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0843961651
In the desolate pine barrens, a woman struggles to raise her son, who is psychically linked to a hor...
Hal Duncan Image of Glorifying Terrorism, Manufacturing Contempt. Glorifying Terrorism, Manufacturing Contempt
$29.95 Paperback ISBN 0955468809
In February 2007 Rackstraw Press published Glorifying Terrorism, an anthology of science fiction sho...
Jody Duncan Image of Star Wars Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones. Star Wars Mythmaking: Behind the Scenes of Attack of the Clones
$48.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0345456246
An anecdotal tour of the making of the latest Star Wars film provides photographs from the Lucasfilm...
Helen Dunmore Ingo
$15.99 Paperback ISBN 0007204884
You'll find the mermaid of Zennor inside Zennor church. She fell in love with a human, but she was a...
C Z Dunn Image of WH40K: Dark Vengeance: The Novel. WH40K: Dark Vengeance: The Novel
$30.00 Hardcover ISBN 9781849702515
In the grim darkness of the far future, mankind fights a desperate battle for survival amongst the s...
Christian Dunn Image of WH40K: Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume 1. WH40K: Best of Hammer and Bolter: Volume 1
$27.00 Paperback ISBN 9781849701785
An anthology of top-selected short fiction from Black Library's monthly magazine includes entries by...
Christian Dunn Image of WH40K: Legends of the Space Marines. WH40K: Legends of the Space Marines
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844165523
Space Marines and their evil counterparts, the Traitor Marines, epitomise the wartorn Warhammer 40,0...
Christian Dunn WH: The Cold Hand of Betrayal
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844162885
Packed with grim fantasy tales from the gothic Warhammer world, The Cold Hand of Betrayal is a great...
Christian Dunn Image of WH: Invasion!. WH: Invasion!
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844164802
A superb anthology boasting some of the Black Library's best-loved authors. Invasion! Is an exci...
Christian Dunn WH: Swords of the Empire
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844160882
An anothology of short fiction, including an allnew Storm of Chaos novella from Dan Abnett, captures...
Christian Dunn WH: Way of the Dead
$15.00 Paperback ISBN 0743443578
An actionpacked collection of fantasy short stories set in the gothic Warhammer world captures a uni...
Dorothy Dunnett Queen's Play
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0140282408
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0671319949
Doranna Durgin Image of Jaguar Night. Jaguar Night
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0373618115
At dusk he prowled the Southwest, a huge, sleek black jaguar with startling blue eyes and a man's th...
Doranna Durgin Lion Heart
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0373618174
Joe Ryan's lion heart is as rocky and impenetrable as the Arizona mountains he protects. Although no...
Doranna Durgin Seer's Blood
$17.95 ISBN 0671578774
Blaine Kendricks thinks the strangers have come to Shadow Hollers to trade, but he is dead wrong, an...
Doranna Durgin STNG: Tooth and Claw
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0671042114
Ntignano was a populated world with a perfect sun -- until the right technology fell into the wrong ...
Doranna Durgin Image of Wolverine's Daughter. Wolverine's Daughter
$18.95 ISBN 0671578472
As the daughter of a legendary warrior, Kelyn is brave and strong, but when she begins a journey to ...
Freeman A Dyson Image of Sun, the Genome, and the Internet : Tools of Scientific Revolutions. Sun, the Genome, and the Internet : Tools of Scientific Revolutions
$23.95 Paperback ISBN 0195139224
Robert Earl Image of WH: Broken Honour. WH: Broken Honour
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 9781849700276
The armies of Hochland are at breaking point. Beset on all sides by the feral beastmen, the safety a...
Robert Earl WH: The Corrupted
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844163970
When Empire Wizard Grendl comes across an ancient spell hidden amongst some parchment, he believes i...
Robert Earl WH: Savage City
$14.00 Paperback ISBN 1844161986
With the help of the adventurous rogue Florin d'Artaud and his doubledealing companion, Lorenzo, the...
David Eddings Enchanter's End Game
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0552148113
A magnificent epic set against a history of seven thousand years of the struggles of Gods and Kings ...
David Eddings Image of Pawn of Prophecy. Pawn of Prophecy
$21.95 Paperback ISBN 0552554766
Many centuries ago, the gods went to war - and the evil god, Torak, was defeated and hurled into an ...
David Eddings Image of The Treasured One. The Treasured One
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0007157622
His sister, Aracia, fears the whole world will collapse in on itself if the Dreamers should all wake...
Leigh Eddings Image of The Treasured One. The Treasured One
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0007157622
His sister, Aracia, fears the whole world will collapse in on itself if the Dreamers should all wake...
$19.95 SOFT ISBN 1857989937
David Louis Edelman Image of Geosynchron. Geosynchron
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1591027926
One of the many interwoven story lines in the final installment of the Jump 225 Trilogy, a sweeping ...
David Louis Edelman Image of Multireal. Multireal
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1591026474
Entrepreneur and inventor Natch battles government bureaucracy, business rivals, and his own apprent...
Rosemary Edghill Image of Music to my Sorrow. Music to my Sorrow
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 141652147X
In the sequel to Mad Maudlin, after rescuing his young brother Magnus from a killer demon, Bedlam's ...
Ian Edginton STSCE: No Surrender
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743464435
Janet Edwards Image of Earth Girl. Earth Girl
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9780007443499
2788. Only the handicapped live on Earth. While everyone else portals between worlds, 18-year-old Ja...
Greg Egan Image of The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume Two. The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Volume Two
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0975773615
Featuring a Greg Egan novella, 'Riding the Crocodile', new to Australian readers. A couple search...
$35.00 ISBN 1855854635
Bob Eggleton Primal Darkness: The Gothic and Horror Art of Bob Eggleton
$50.00 Hardcover ISBN 1556346247
Bob Eggleton Image of The Stardragons. The Stardragons
$20.00 Hardcover ISBN 1843401231
Far, far in the future, many billions of years after humankind and all other forms of life have gone...
Barry Eisler Image of Fault Line. Fault Line
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345505093
Silicon Valley: the eccentric inventor of a new encryption application is murdered in an apparent dr...
Anna Elliott Image of Twilight of Avalon. Twilight of Avalon
$22.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 1416589899
She is a healer, a storyteller, a warrior, and a queen without a throne. In the shadow of King Arthu...
Jannean Elliott Shadow World
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0441783325
In what is to be his last assignment, Mark Kenner sets out on a diplomatic mission to bring the Elsp...
Kate Elliott Image of Crown of Stars. Crown of Stars
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 1841494275
King Henry's kingdom has been ravaged by internecine warfare, in a conflict that has been both long ...
Will Elliott Image of Pilgrims. Pilgrims
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 0732289475
Eric Albright is leading a normal life until a small red door appears under a train bridge near his ...
Will Elliott Image of The Pilo Family Circus. The Pilo Family Circus
$22.95 Paperback ISBN 073332388X
Jamie's tyres squealed to a halt. Standing in the glare of the headlights was an apparition dressed ...
Will Elliott Image of Shadow. Shadow
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780732289485
The Wall at World's End has been destroyed and Levaal stands naked again before its twin world. The ...
Harlan Ellison Image of Coffins. Coffins
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0307742237
This ultimate anthology of vampire tales, culled from the world-renowned Vampire Archives, includes ...
P N Elrod Image of A Song in the Dark. A Song in the Dark
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441013732
Vampire private detective Jack Fleming confronts a double challenge when he takes on the New York ma...
Kevin Emerson Image of The Eternal Tomb. The Eternal Tomb
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0545058058
Oliver tries to avoid attending the Darkling Ball, at which he is to receive an important power to f...
Ru Emerson Image of Voices of Chaos. Voices of Chaos
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0441005160
The Arrekhi, feline beings from a newly discovered planet, hide a vicious secret that could jeopardi...
This list contains 3412 products, so we have broken it up into 35 pages of 100 items each. Browse through all or jump to page number:
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