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Author Item
Leigh Bardugo Image of Siege and Storm. Siege and Storm
$16.99 Paperback ISBN 9781780621708
The first book was Shadow and Bone. Now Alina's story continues.Darkness never dies. Alina and Mal a...
Clive Barker Image of Abarat. Abarat
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0060596376
A journey beyond imagination is about to unfold. . . . It begins in the most boring place in th...
Clive Barker Books of Blood 4-6
$29.99 Paperback ISBN 0751512257
Here are the stories written on the Book of Blood. They are a map of that dark highway that leads ou...
Rory Barnes Image of The Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 073226474X
Paul Barnett Fantasy Art Collection
$42.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1855859572
Drawn from the pages of Papersnarl, Paper Tiger's e - zine, The Papersnarl Interviews features 25 ex...
Mike Baron Witchblade: Demons
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743445201
Mike Barr Image of DW: Destination Prague. DW: Destination Prague
$54.95 Hardcover ISBN 1844352536
Prague has its demons - a city saved from the ravages of war and the Third Reich because of its beau...
Neal Barrett Jr Image of Treachery of Kings. Treachery of Kings
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0553581961
Finn, the Master Lizard Maker, is baffled when the capricious Prince of Fyxedia commissions him to c...
Stuart Barrow Encounters + Gastronomicon Bundle
$20.00 Paperback ISBN
Encounters: An anthology of Australian Speculative Fiction, edited by Maxine McArthur and Donna Mare...
Gerry Bartlett Image of Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs. Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs
$24.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0425232239
Glory St. Clair loves soaking up Hollywood's vampire nightlife with her sexy Scottish lover, Jeremia...
Don Bassingthwaite Image of D&D: Temple of the Yellow Skulls. D&D: Temple of the Yellow Skulls
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0786957492
Following close on the heals of The Mark of Nerath, Don Bassingthwaite picks up the action and takes...
Adrienne Basso Image of Nature of the Beast. Nature of the Beast
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 9781420104356
In this captivating new collection from Hannah Howell, Adrienne Basso, and Eve Silver, three women m...
Anya Bast Image of Wicked Enchantment. Wicked Enchantment
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0425232018
When the Summer Queen of the fae orders her to act as Gabriel Mac Braire's guide in the Seelie Court...
Anya Bast Image of Witch Fire. Witch Fire
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0425216144
When Jack McAllister, the head of security for The Coven, a national organization that governs witch...
Sonya Bateman Master and Apprentice
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1439160856
When his relative, Ian, a shape-shifting genie, and his wife, the princess Akila, are kidnapped by a...
Sabine C Bauer Image of SGA: Mirror Mirror. SGA: Mirror Mirror
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 1905586124
A new tale based on the People's Choice Award-winning television series finds the team of soldiers a...
Bruce Baugh Mage: Judgement Day
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 1588468577
Book 3 of 3 in the Time of Judgement Trilogy.
L Frank Baum ROAD TO OZ
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0345334671
Trevor Baxendale Image of Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift. Torchwood: The Undertaker's Gift
$21.95 Hardcover ISBN 9781846077821
The Hokrala Corp lawyers are back. They’re suing planet Earth for mishandling the twenty-first centu...
Trevor Baxendale Image of TW: Something in the Water. TW: Something in the Water
$21.95 B Hardcover ISBN 1846074371
Dr Bob Strong's GP surgery has been treating a lot of coughs and colds recently, far more than is no...
Alan Baxter Image of MageSign. MageSign
$19.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780982508756
Three years have passed since Isiah's run in with Samuel Harrigan and the Devil. He has some time on...
Alan Baxter Image of RealmShift. RealmShift
$19.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780982508749
Isiah is having a tough time. The Devil is making his job very difficult. Samuel Harrigan is a murd...
Stephen Baxter Emperor
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 0575079223
A woman gives birth to her child in a village in Northern England, the cold northern edge of the Rom...
Stephen Baxter Image of Longtusk. Longtusk
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 185798739X
It is 16,000 BC and the mammoths are facing the vicious instrusions of the Lost humankind. Longtusk...
Stephen Baxter Image of Proxima. Proxima
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 9780575116856
The very far future: The Galaxy is a drifting wreck of black holes, neutron stars, chill white dwarf...
Stephen Baxter Image of Sideways in Crime. Sideways in Crime
$30.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 1844165663
Edited by a 2007 Hugo Award nominee, an assemblage of alternative history mysteries features crime s...
Elizabeth Bear Image of All the Windwracked Stars. All the Windwracked Stars
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765358514
It all began with Ragnarok, with the Children of the Light and the Tarnished ones battling to the de...
Elizabeth Bear Image of By the Mountain Bound. By the Mountain Bound
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765358522
For five hundred years the immortal Children of the Light, einherjar and valkyrie, have lived togeth...
Elizabeth Bear Image of The Sea Thy Mistress. The Sea Thy Mistress
$52.95 Hardcover ISBN 0765318849
This direct sequel to Elizabeth Bear’s highly acclaimed All the Windwracked Stars picks up the story...
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1857989783
Greg Bear Dinosaur Summer
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0006483674
A Vast range of giant reptiles thought to have been extinct sinced the Mesozoic have in fact survive...
Greg Bear STC15: Corona
$9.95 Paperback ISBN 0671743538
A cosmic force rules a distant planetoid and the universe is about to explode.
Bradley Beaulieu Image of The Winds of Khalakovo. The Winds of Khalakovo
$24.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781597802185
After the death of the Grand Duke at sea, warring factions on the island of Khalakovo each hunt for ...
James Beausigneur Birth of an Age
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0446613282
In the wake of a nuclear holocaust in 2019 that has killed more than half a billion people, Christop...
K A Bedford Image of Time Machines Repaired While U-Wait. Time Machines Repaired While U-Wait
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 9781921361739
It's 2027, suburban Malaga, Western Australia. Ex-cop Aloysius 'Spider' Webb is working as a time-m...
A A Bell Image of Diamond Eyes. Diamond Eyes
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780732291365
Mira Chambers has an unusual gift for solving mysteries ... Blind, institutionalised and frustrat...
Gregory Benford Image of Beyond The Fall of Night. Beyond The Fall of Night
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0441056121
In a classic from two of the most respected science fiction novelists of all time, Alvin of Loronei ...
Cherie Bennett SV: See No Evil
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 1904233236
Cherie Bennett SV: Speed
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 1904233260
Christopher L Bennett Image of ST: Forgotten History. ST: Forgotten History
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9781451657258
When a strange inactive vessel causes an anomaly in Federation territory, Agents Lucsly and Dulmer m...
Christopher L Bennett Image of STC: Ex Machina. STC: Ex Machina
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0743492854
Haunted by their encounter with the artificial intelligence of V'Ger and the sacrifice of Willard De...
Danielle Bennett Image of Havemercy. Havemercy
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0553591371
This stunning epic fantasy debut introduces two exciting new authors—and a world brimming with natur...
Danielle Bennett Image of Shadow Magic. Shadow Magic
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 055359138X
From the widely acclaimed authors of Havemercy comes this stunning new epic fantasy, set in the chao...
K Bennett Image of Pay Me in Flesh. Pay Me in Flesh
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 9780786026241
When someone starts hunting zombies, leaving decapitated bodies all over the city, soulless zombie a...
Raymond Benson Image of Sons of Liberty. Sons of Liberty
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 1841497363
In a torrential downpour, former FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake stands on the George Washington Bridge -...
Carol Berg Image of The Spirit Lens. The Spirit Lens
$20.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 0451463110
For Portier de Savin-Duplais, failed student of magic, sorcery's decline into ambiguity and cheap il...
Judith Berman Image of Bear Daughter. Bear Daughter
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441013902
A young bear awakens one morning to find that she has been transformed into a human, and she embarks...
Alexander Besher Mir
$18.50 Paperback ISBN 1857237226
$13.05 ISBN 0671002392
While a crucial peace conference fills Deep Space NineTM with rumors of intrigue and conspiracy, Maj...
John Gregory Betancourt Image of The Dawn of Amber. The Dawn of Amber
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0743474708
The first volume in a new trilogy based on Roger Zelazny's Amber universe offers a prequel to the ex...
John Gregory Betancourt Image of Hercules: Gates of Hades. Hercules: Gates of Hades
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0812539125
Blaming himself when his friend Jason is killed by treacherous pirates, Hercules journeys into the d...
Kirsten Beyer Image of BVS: One Thing or Your Mother. BVS: One Thing or Your Mother
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 1416936327
It's tough being a teenage Slayer. On the verge of failing her junior year -- thanks to annoying Pri...
Deborah Biancotti Image of A Book Of Endings. A Book Of Endings
$27.95 Paperback ISBN 9780980484151
I. End of days Diamond Shell Number 3 Raw Place Hush Seven Ages of the Protagonist Silicon Cast...
Deborah Biancotti Image of Southern Blood. Southern Blood
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0958073902
A collection of gothic, supernatural, unsettling and unrelenting horror stories. A good representa...
Ilsa J Bick STLE: 2336 Well of Souls
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743463757
Laura Bickle Image of Sparks. Sparks
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9781439167687
Anya Kalinczyk is the rarest type of psychic medium, a Lantern, who holds down a day job as an arson...
Steve Biddulph Image of The New Manhood. The New Manhood
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781876451882
The handbook for a new kind of man For sixteen years Steve Biddulph's groundbreaking Manhood had ...
Randall N Bills Image of MW: Hunters of the Deep. MW: Hunters of the Deep
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0451460057
Driven by jealousy, ovKhan Sha Clarke prepares a rebellion against Clan Sea Fox in an attempt to con...
Randall N Bills MW: Pandora's Gambit
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0451461657
The world of Marik becomes a battleground as three warriors--Anson Marik, Lester Cameron-Jones, and ...
David Bilsborough Image of A Fire in the North. A Fire in the North
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780230014527
This second volume picks up the ongoing story in a tunnel leading out of enchanted mountain realm of...
David Bilsborough Image of The Wanderer's Tale. The Wanderer's Tale
$22.95 Paperback ISBN 9780230014503
Many generations ago, the arctic stronghold of Drauglir was destroyed. Five hundred years later, rum...
John Birmingham Image of Angels of Vengeance. Angels of Vengeance
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9780345502940
When an inexplicable wave of energy slams into North America, the world is plunged into turmoil - as...
David Bischoff SP: The Deity-Father
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 006105612X
Finding himself in the tough Demeter City on the distant planet Altor, former New York City cop Patr...
David Bischoff SP: Demon Wing
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0061056138
Assigned to crime-ridden Demeter City on the distant planet Altor, former New York City cop Patrick ...
Anne Bishop Belladonna
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732283736
The final book of this richly imagined world from the acclaimed author of the Black Jewels trilogy. ...
Anne Bishop Image of Daughter of the Blood. Daughter of the Blood
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732269717
The Dark Kingdom is preparing itself for the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy - the arrival of a ...
Anne Bishop Image of Dreams Made Flesh. Dreams Made Flesh
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0451460707
A collection of four original novellas continues the saga of The Black Jewels trilogy as they trace ...
Anne Bishop Dreams Made Flesh
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732288509
Return to the realm of the Blood in Dreams Made Fleshfeaturing four revelatory adventures of Jaenel...
Anne Bishop Image of Queen of the Darkness. Queen of the Darkness
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732269709
The Blood has ruled the Territories for millennia. Magic - gifted humans and animals, the strongest ...
Anne Bishop Image of Sebastian. Sebastian
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 0732283728
Let your heart travel lightly. Because what you bring with you becomes part of the landscape. In ...
Anne Bishop Image of The Shadow Queen. The Shadow Queen
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732288517
What if you need the impossible in order to save your people--and you get it? What if what you get i...
Anne Bishop Image of The Shadow Queen. The Shadow Queen
$51.95 Hardcover ISBN 0451462548
With the corrupt Queens wiped out and only a few Warlord Princes remaining with no leader, Theran Gr...
Anne Bishop Image of Tangled Webs. Tangled Webs
$49.95 Hardcover ISBN 0451461606
Accepting an invitation signed "Jaenelle Angelline" to a specially prepared entertainment, Surreal S...
Anne Bishop Image of Tangled Webs. Tangled Webs
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732286468
The invitation is signed 'Jaenelle Angelline', and it summons her family to an entertainment she had...
David Bishop 2000AD: Honour Be Damned
$16.00 Paperback ISBN 1844163245
Honour Be Damned is a saucy swashbuckling romp and a good natured dig at jolly old England.
David Bishop Image of WH: Massacre in Marienburg. WH: Massacre in Marienburg
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 1844165744
Marienburg is the greatest port of the Old World, a melting pot of different cultures and races. Whe...
Terry Bisson Image of SW: Crossfire. SW: Crossfire
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0439390028
When Boba Fett finds himself an orphan at age ten, he becomes a bounty hunter in order to survive al...
Terry Bisson Image of SW: The Fight To Survive. SW: The Fight To Survive
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0439548802
Bobba Fett will grow up to become one of the most feared bounty hunter of the galaxy. But first he m...
Andreas H. Bitesnich Image of Woman. Woman
$10.00 Hardcover ISBN 3823854917
Black and white sepia nude photography. Coffee table format large hardcover.
Holly Black Image of A Giant Problem. A Giant Problem
$16.95 Hardcover ISBN 0689871325
Talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire! I was pretty sure that my freaky stepsister and tha...
Holly Black Image of Kin. Kin
$16.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780439855655
Rue Silver's mother has disappeared . . . and her father has been arrested, suspected of killing her...
Holly Black Image of Kith. Kith
$16.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780439855662
Rue Silver's life is not what it appears to be. Her mother is a faerie, and has been taken back to t...
Jaid Black Image of Playing Easy to Get. Playing Easy to Get
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1416510877
Three novellas that explore the themes of obsession, domination, and forbidden desire feature a law ...
Jenna Black Image of The Devil Inside. The Devil Inside
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 0749938870
THE DEVIL INSIDE is the first in a brand new urban fantasy series featuring exorcit Morgan Kingsley....
Jenna Black Image of Speak of the Devil. Speak of the Devil
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0440244935
Suspended by the Exorcism Board for a job gone wrong, exorcist Morgan Kingley receives a grisly and ...
Jenna Black Image of Watchers in the Night. Watchers in the Night
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0765354519
Ex-cop-turned-private detective Carolyn Mathers is rescued from a mysterious stalker by her former f...
Shayla Black Image of Entice Me At Twilight. Entice Me At Twilight
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9781439166772
When wizard Simon Northam, the Duke of Hurstgrove, steals his brother's fiance, Felicia, a rare huma...
Shayla Black Image of Haunted by Your Touch. Haunted by Your Touch
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1439166765
Enter the dark realm of Nocturna in Jeaniene Frost’s redhot tale, where blisteringly sexy Raphael do...
Russell Blackford Image of T2: Dark Futures. T2: Dark Futures
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0743445112
After destroying SkyNet, Sarah Connor and her son are convinced they have altered the future forever...
Russell Blackford Image of T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour. T2: The New John Connor Chronicles: An Evil Hour
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 074345863X
Signed copy! John Connor and his mother Sarah face a squad of Terminators from another timeline w...
Leigh Blackmore Image of Terror Australis. Terror Australis
$14.15 ISBN 0340584556
Juliet Blackwell Image of Hexes and Hemlines. Hexes and Hemlines
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780451233783
Lily gets called away from her vintage clothing store to give police a witch's take on how the leade...
Annette Blair Image of Bedeviled Angel. Bedeviled Angel
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0425235971
An enchanting new novel from a national bestselling sensation At the Works Like Magick employmen...
Annette Blair Image of Larceny and Lace. Larceny and Lace
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0425229114
Possessing a talent for connecting with the ghost former owners of vintage clothes, new boutique own...
Annette Blair Image of Vampire Dragon. Vampire Dragon
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0425240525
A former Roman warrior turned dragon, Darkwyn, ends up in the 21st century where he needs the help o...
John Blanche Image of WH40K: Emperor's Will. WH40K: Emperor's Will
$80.00 Hardcover ISBN 9781849701136
Inquisitors, assassins, astropaths, navigators – these and many other agents of the Imperium are cel...
William Peter Blatty Image of Dimiter. Dimiter
$32.99 Trade Paperback ISBN 0749953241
Dimiter opens in the world's most oppressive and isolated totalitarian state, Albania in the 1970s. ...
James P Blaylock Image of 13 Phantasms and Other Stories. 13 Phantasms and Other Stories
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0441012574
This unrivaled collection of stories from a master of horror and fantasy includes two of his World F...
James P Blaylock Image of Winter Tides. Winter Tides
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0441005756
Fifteen years after saving only one of two drowning identical twin girls, Dave Quinn meets Anne, a s...
Mary Blayney Image of The Lost. The Lost
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0515147184
Four New York Times best-selling authors unite in this suspenseful collection of paranormal romances...
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