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Author Item
Vivi Anna Winter Kissed
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 9780373617999
A Kiss of Frost by Michele Hauf When winter god and assassin Jal Frost's latest assignment target...
Fletcher Anthony Eye of Stone
$20.99 Paperback ISBN 0732269458
Fifty thousand years ago the ancient Javanese people are forced to leave their land and end their tr...
Patricia Anthony Cradle of Splendor
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0441004261
A freak accident during Brazil's first manned space launch goes from disastrous to baffling when the...
Patricia Anthony Image of Eating Memories. Eating Memories
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 044100556X
A collection of darkly humorous, disturbing and moving short stories by the awardwinning author of G...
Patricia Anthony Image of God's Fires. God's Fires
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0441005373
During the Portuguese Inquisition, the crashlanding of a spaceship presents a devastating moral dile...
Patricia Anthony Image of Happy Policeman. Happy Policeman
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0441003214
In a small Texas town sealed off from the rest of the world by aliensostensibly to protect it from t...
Piers Anthony Chimaera's Copper
$10.95 Paperback ISBN 0586212477
Piers Anthony Faith of Tarot
$13.95 Paperback ISBN 0441225659
Out of Print
Piers Anthony God Of Tarot
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 0441294707
Out of Print
Piers Anthony Image of Golem In The Gears. Golem In The Gears
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345318862
Tiny Grundy Golem rides the Monster Under the Bed to the Ivory Tower in search of Stanley Steamer, a...
Piers Anthony Serpent's Silver
$11.95 Paperback ISBN 0586212469
Piers Anthony Image of A Spell For Chameleon. A Spell For Chameleon
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0345347536
As the only person in Xanth without magic of any sort, Bink wanders in exile, searching for the magi...
Piers Anthony Image of Two to the Fifth. Two to the Fifth
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0765358948
The future of Xanth is in frightful peril. A powerful magical bird named Ragna Roc has embarked on a...
$32.70 ISBN 0782475094
Toni Anzetti STEEL HELIX
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0345418725
Toni Anzetti Image of Typhon's Children. Typhon's Children
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0345418719
The new lives of colonists on the oceandominated planet of Typhon are plagued by the bizarre mutatio...
Alex Archer Image of Devil's Chord. Devil's Chord
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 9780373621699
Da Vinci's greatest and most dangerous legacy… In the midst of a lovers' quarrel on a Venetian br...
Nathan Archer STDSN10: VALHALLA
$11.95 ISBN 0671881159
Peter Archer Image of DL: The Great White Wyrm. DL: The Great White Wyrm
$14.00 Paperback ISBN 0786942606
A terrifying and powerful white dragon becomes the object of obsession for one courageous man who pu...
Tom Arden The King and Queen of Swords
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1857988981
Venero Armanno My Beautiful Friend
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0091831261
Jennifer Armintrout Image of All Soul's Night. All Soul's Night
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0778325377
With the Soul Eater on the verge of god status and the fate of the world in her hands, Carrie must m...
Jennifer Armintrout Image of Ashes to Ashes. Ashes to Ashes
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 077832494X
When the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement headquarters are destroyed and the horrific Oracle is...
Jennifer Armintrout Image of Queene of Light. Queene of Light
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0778326624
In a time not long from now, the veil between fantasy and reality is ripped asunder—creatures of myt...
Kelley Armstrong Image of Blood Lite II. Blood Lite II
$14.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1439187657
From the Horror Writers Association comes a brand-new collection of darkly humorous tales! The Big...
Kelley Armstrong Image of Hellbound Hearts. Hellbound Hearts
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1439140901
Clive Barker's iconic masterpiece The Hellbound Heart, the novella adapted into the film Hellraiser,...
Kelley Armstrong Image of Kisses From Hell. Kisses From Hell
$21.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9780061956966
Truly, Madly, Undead-ly This irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by fi...
Kelley Armstrong Image of Living With the Dead. Living With the Dead
$41.95 Hardcover ISBN 0553806645
When PR representative Robyn Peltier is framed for murder, half-demon tabloid reporter Hope Adams jo...
Malcolm Arnold The Red Mouse
$12.99 Paperback ISBN
Keri Arthur Image of Circle of Desire. Circle of Desire
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781893896925
Four children kidnapped. Two found dead, their tiny souls ripped from their bodies. In ten years ...
Keri Arthur Image of Circle of Fire. Circle of Fire
$29.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 9781893896703
Sixteen teenagers missing. Eleven bodies recovered, completely drained of blood. Some believe vampir...
Keri Arthur Image of Circle of Fire. Circle of Fire
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 0749909196
Sixteen teenagers taken from their homes. Eleven bodies recovered, each completely drained of blood....
Catherine Asaro Image of Ascendant Sun. Ascendant Sun
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0812566653
The sequel to the Nebula Awardwinning novel Hawk follows Kelric, the heir to the Skolian Empire, as ...
Catherine Asaro Image of The Final Key. The Final Key
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765352095
A second half of the story that began with Schism finds the Skolian Empire targeted by a series of a...
Catherine Asaro The Fire Opal
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780733581311
Catherine Asaro Image of Nebula Awards Showcase 2010. Nebula Awards Showcase 2010
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0451463161
An annual commemoration, the Nebula Awards are presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers ...
Catherine Asaro Image of Spherical Harmonic. Spherical Harmonic
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0812568826
In the latest entry in the Saga of the Skolian Empire series, members of the ruling Skolian family, ...
Sarah Ash Image of Tracing the Shadow. Tracing the Shadow
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0553589881
Rescuing a starving young orphan girl from the streets, a member of the much feared Guerriers of the...
Neal Asher Image of The Gabble and Other Stories. The Gabble and Other Stories
$21.99 Paperback ISBN 0330457594
"What has six arms, a large beak, looks like a pyramid, has more eyes than you'd expect and talks no...
Neal Asher Image of The Technician. The Technician
$22.99 Paperback ISBN 9780330457620
The new standalone novel by Neal Asher featuring two of his favourite Polity creations – the hooder ...
Amanda Ashley Image of Bound by Night. Bound by Night
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1420104454
When she decides to spend the night in the legendary Wolfram estate, which is rumored to be haunted,...
Amanda Ashley Image of Deeper Than the Night. Deeper Than the Night
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 050552113X
Laughing at local superstitions that the mesmerizing Alexander Claybourne is a centuries-old vampire...
Amanda Ashley Image of Immortal Sins. Immortal Sins
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0821780646
Trapped within a painting for all eternity--or until someone breaks the curse, centuries-old vampire...
Amanda Ashley Image of Night's Master. Night's Master
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0821780638
As an evil forces invades the supposedly neutral territory of Oak Hollow, a place for supernatural b...
Amanda Ashley Image of Night's Pleasure. Night's Pleasure
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 082178062X
Vampire hunter Savanah Gentry places the lives of those she cares for in mortal danger when she succ...
Jennifer Ashley Image of Primal Bonds. Primal Bonds
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0425240789
When a female Shifter comes to town, seeking refuge, Feline Shifter Sean Morrissey, a powerful membe...
Robert Asprin Image of Dragons Luck. Dragons Luck
$30.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0441016804
Put in charge of an important gambling operation in the French Quarter and becoming the new head dra...
Robert Asprin Image of E Godz. E Godz
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0743498887
Edwina Godz's two children, Dov and Peez, battle for control of her successful magic company E. Godz...
Robert Asprin Image of Myth Inc Link / Myth-Nomers and Impervections. Myth Inc Link / Myth-Nomers and Impervections
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441009697
As the adventures of Aahz and Skeeve continue, Skeeve is now reluctant president of the corporation ...
Robert Asprin Image of Myth-Chief. Myth-Chief
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441016871
When Skeeve the Magnificent Magician comes out of retirement and sets up shop in the Bazaar, his for...
Robert Asprin Image of Myth-Fortunes. Myth-Fortunes
$30.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0809573334
When Aahz invests in a scheme to build pyramids, he convinces Skeeve and all of his friends to inves...
Robert Asprin Image of Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections. Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 044155279X
Robert Asprin Image of No Quarter. No Quarter
$32.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 0981986609
Robert Asprin Image of Wartorn: Obliteration. Wartorn: Obliteration
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0441013473
Resurrected in the lush body of courtesan Vadya, Raven, ordered to spy on General Weisel by the rule...
R J Astruc Image of Harmonic & Gig. Harmonic & Gig
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780980634143
When a territory engineer dies in suspicious circumstances, three qverse experts are brought in to i...
Chris Atack Image of Project Maldon. Project Maldon
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0671877860
With religious fanaticism on the rise and civilization crumbling, the world's only hope is Helen, Pr...
Phillip Athans Image of FR: Realms of War. FR: Realms of War
$16.00 Paperback ISBN 0786949341
As the merchant realm of Sembia descends into chaos and a bitter civil war, their teacherous neighbo...
A A Attanasio Hunting the Ghost Dancer
$11.95 Paperback ISBN 0586208364
A A Attanasio The Perilous Order
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0340696303
J D Austin Image of Second Contact. Second Contact
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0441008798
When attempts to seek contact with the alien paradise planet of Kivlan are rebuffed with missiles, E...
James Axler Image of Evil Abyss. Evil Abyss
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0373638450
In Cambodia, the Cerberus warriors must guard the portal to the eternal mysteries of space and time ...
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0373638418
When the survivors of the oldest moon colony, revived from cryostasis, arrive on Cerberus Redoubt, t...
James Axler Image of Uluru Destiny. Uluru Destiny
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0373638442
In order to save humanity from being besieged by unimaginable evil, Kane and his band of rebels must...
Steve Aylett ATOM
$21.95 Paperback ISBN 0753812711
The new Beerlight novel features the hunt for a missing brain, a plot that only a writer as benevole...
Carol Baauw Image of Journey of the Seeds Origins. Journey of the Seeds Origins
$25.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 0980280109
LEGEND OF THE LAND OF THE SEEDS Darkness threatens to engulf the land of men. Nero and his evil se...
Pierdomenico Baccalario Image of Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 9780375857959
Rome, December 29. A mix-up with their reservations forces Harvey from New York, Mistral from Par...
Robin Wayne Bailey Dragonkin
$16.95 Paperback ISBN 0743479467
The last known survivors of the dragons along with other magical creatures such as unicorns, mantic...
Robin Wayne Bailey Image of Talisman. Talisman
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 1416504222
As the war between Angmar and Degarm continues to escalate, the Dragons confront the enmity of the G...
Eric T Baker Image of Checkmate. Checkmate
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0451456610
Aaron Hudson is forced to choose between loyalty to a corrupt task force that has turned its mission...
Kage Baker Image of The Machine's Child. The Machine's Child
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765354616
In the sequel to The Life of the World to Come, Alec Checkerfield's AI, Captain Morgan, has mastermi...
Kage Baker Image of Sideways in Crime. Sideways in Crime
$30.00 Trade Paperback ISBN 1844165663
Edited by a 2007 Hugo Award nominee, an assemblage of alternative history mysteries features crime s...
Kage Baker Image of The Sons of Heaven. The Sons of Heaven
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0765356767
A conclusion to the story of Mendoza and The Company finds the immortal Lewis stripped of his vision...
Keith Baker Image of D&D: Dragons: Worlds Afire. D&D: Dragons: Worlds Afire
$60.00 Hardcover ISBN 0786941669
Worlds Afire Four worlds, five authors, seven artists, and one legendary beast. For the first...
Richard Baker Image of FR: Condemnation. FR: Condemnation
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0786932023
Joined by two drow who might be the last survivors of Ched Nasad, the explorers from Menzoberranzan ...
Richard Baker Image of FR: Corsair. FR: Corsair
$51.95 Hardcover ISBN 078695115X
When pirates threaten his home, Geran is elected by the city council to track the blood-thirsty pira...
Robin Baker Sex in the Future
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0330370340
Artificial insemination, and IVF, cloning, surrogacy, paternity testing: what will happen when ancie...
Cherith Baldry The Reliquary Ring
$18.95 Paperback ISBN 0330492071
Set in a parallel Venice, where created humans are despised and exploited by genuine human citizens,...
Margaret Ball Image of Acorna's Quest. Acorna's Quest
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0552147486
Found as an infant drifting alone in an escape pod in deep space, Acorna was reared by three young a...
Margaret Ball Flameweaver
$9.95 Paperback ISBN 0671720953
Margaret Ball No Earthly Sunne
$15.95 Paperback ISBN 0671876333
Long ago, wicked Kit Arundel had been spirited away by the Queen of Faeries because of his musical m...
Peter M Ball Image of Bleed. Bleed
$12.00 Paperback ISBN 9780980827408
For ten years ex-cop Miriam Aster has been living with her one big mistake – agreeing to kill three ...
Nina Bangs Image of Eternal Pleasure. Eternal Pleasure
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0843959533
When Kelly Maloy opens her car door to a stranger at the Houston airport, she does not realize that ...
Nina Bangs Image of Wicked Nights. Wicked Nights
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0425203700
At the Castle of Dark Dreams, a popular adult amusement park attraction where women make their fanta...
Iain Banks Espedair Street
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0349102147
Iain Banks Image of The Steep Approach to Garbadale. The Steep Approach to Garbadale
$24.99 Paperback ISBN 0349119287
Dark family secrets and a passionate love affair, full of his trademark warmth, humanity and ingenui...
L A Banks Image of Bad Blood. Bad Blood
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0312949111
Returning from a solo mission only to discover that the other members of her team, all highly traine...
L A Banks Image of Blood Lite II. Blood Lite II
$14.95 Trade Paperback ISBN 1439187657
From the Horror Writers Association comes a brand-new collection of darkly humorous tales! The Big...
L A Banks Image of Cursed to Death. Cursed to Death
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0312942990
Secret government operative Sasha Trudeau arrives at the scene of a murder, only to discover that a ...
L A Banks Image of The Damned. The Damned
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0312934432
When Lilith, the consort of the Un-Named One, releases the Damned to wreak havoc on all humankind, D...
L A Banks Image of Forbidden. Forbidden
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 0312940025
The Body of a Goddess...with the Heart of Hell itself. The devil is a deadbeat dad and his consort ...
L A Banks Image of Forsaken, the. Forsaken, the
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0312948603
With the death of the Chairman of the Vampire Council and the rise of the seventh level of Hell, Dam...
L A Banks Image of Left For Undead. Left For Undead
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 9780312943028
Secret government operative Sasha Trudeau earned a long vacation with her lover and fellow Shadow Wo...
L A Banks Image of Love At First Bite. Love At First Bite
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0312349297
Four tales of supernatural romance and desire include "The Forgotten One" by Ronda Thompson, Susan S...
L A Banks Image of Minion. Minion
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 0312987013
A spoken word artist by day for the Warriors of Light Records and a vampire huntress by night, Damal...
L A Banks Surrender the Dark
$19.95 Paperback ISBN 1451607784
Celeste Jackson must use her past experiences with addiction to help her protector, Azrael--an angel...
Maya Banks Image of No Place to Run. No Place to Run
$12.95 Paperback ISBN 9780425238196
The Kelly International (KGI): A super-elite, top secret, family run business. Qualifications: High ...
James Barclay Image of Demonstorm. Demonstorm
$19.99 Paperback ISBN 0575082763
THIS IS THE END... The dragons have gone home, the elves are safe. The Raven have kept their promise...
Michele Bardsley Image of I'm the Vampire, That's Why. I'm the Vampire, That's Why
$17.95 Paperback ISBN 0451219376
Now one of the undead, single mother Jessica Matthews, who is delighted with the disappearance of he...
Michele Bardsley Image of Now or Never. Now or Never
$14.95 Paperback ISBN 9780451236241
Tormented by nightmares of a woman's death, Sheriff Taylor Mooreland is shocked to find the woman fr...
Michele Bardsley Image of Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home. Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home
$5.00 Paperback ISBN 0451225503
Journalist Libby Monroe, searching for the story that will make her career, gets more than she barga...
This list contains 3408 products, so we have broken it up into 35 pages of 100 items each. Browse through all or jump to page number:
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