Dark Planet

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Image of Dark Planet.

Author: Charles W Sasser
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781932815139
ISBN: 1932815139
Imprint/Brand: Medallion Press
Release Date: Apr 2005
Format: Paperback
Price $AUD: $17.95
Categories: Science Fiction

Kadar San, a human - Zentadon crossbreed distrusted by both humans and Zentadon, is dispatched with a Deep Reconnaissance Team (DRT) to the Dark Planet of Aldenia. His mission: use his telepathic powers to sniff out a Blob assault base preparing to attack the Galaxia Republic. Dominated by both amazing insect and reptile life forms, and by an evil and mysterious Presence, Aldenia was once a base for the warlike Indowy who used theirsuperior technology to enslave the Zentadon and turn them into super warriors to deploy against humans.

The DRT comes under attack not only from savage denizens of the Dark Planet, but also from the mysterious Presence, which turns team member against team member and all against Kadar San. The Presence promises untold wealth and power to any member of the team unscrupulous enough to unleash the contents of a Pandora's boxlike remnant of Indowy technology. The box's possessor poses a greater threat than the entire Blob nation, for he is capable of releasing untold horrors upon the galaxy.

Kadar San finds himself pitted against a human killer, an expert sniper, in a desperate struggle to save both the Republic and the human female he has come to love. Like all Zentadon, however, Kadar San cannot kill without facing destruction himself in the process . and he has no choice but to kill. In order to save the galaxy, Kadar San must face the truth . . . No one will leave the Dark Planet .

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