The Gensis Chronicles

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Author: Glen McBride
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781865081083
ISBN: 1865081086
Imprint/Brand: Allen & Unwin
Release Date: Apr 2000
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 336
Price $AUD: $27.95
Categories: Book
Non Fiction

The fifteen stages from Ramepithecusto Homo sapiens sapiensthe story of human evolution.'Sensing rather than seeing the attack, Yellowtip swung to face Beta, still grasping the branch. At full pelt Beta fell directly onto the straight point of the stick. With little more than a grunt, he wrenched himself back, then fell on the ground twitching and was still... Yellowtip drew himself erect, stick in hand. He had not deliberately challenged Beta but, by destroying him, he should replace him in the hierarchy, though young and inexperienced. Tensely, he stared down at each male in turn, inviting challenge. One by one, they struggled to return his gaze, then dropped their eyes and turned aside. This was triumphit felt glorious.'Yellowtip's accidental discovery of weaponry provides the basis for the first chronicle in Glenorchy McBride's personal take on the history of evolution. Like many great discoveries over the history of time, some of the fifteen steps on the long road from Ramepithecusto Homo sapiens sapienswere serendipitous and some the result of trial and error, but all are described with wit and compassion in this entertaining and thoughtprovoking book. We squat with Fireboy as he anxiously nurtures the first flickering embers and run with Ton and his beloved wolfcub. We sit at Roo's feet as she shares her dreams of the first totem spirit; we meet the first artists, the first traders, the first herders and, finally, the Sower of seeds, the visionary who led her people towards our own modern agricultu

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