The Technologists

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Image of The Technologists.

Author: Matthew Pearl
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781846550874
Imprint/Brand: Harvill Secker
Release Date: Apr 2012
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 480
Price in AUD: $32.95
Categories: Book
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Steam Punk

Spring 1868, and the population of Boston is being terrorised by technological attacks: first a magnetic storm causes ships in the harbour to collide in flames, then in another bizarre catastrophe every piece of glass in the financial district spontaneously melts - clocks, windows, eyeglasses.

Nothing in nature can do this: these are man-made disasters. Someone has unleashed the destructive potential of science on an innocent population.

The city's fate relies on four young students of the recently founded Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Marcus Mansfield, a Civil War veteran determined to repay MIT's founder for taking a chance on him, brash Bob Richards, meticulous Edwin Hoyt and the eccentric but brilliant Ellen Swallow, the first woman at MIT, who experiments secretly in a basement laboratory. Together, they are The Technologists.

In a climate of rising hysteria, these four courageous individuals must unite against the forces of darkness to uncover the mastermind before he can stage his greatest outrage.

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