Kiss of Death

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Author: P D Martin
Barcode/ISBN13: 9781405038867
ISBN: 1405038861
Imprint/Brand: Macmillan Australia
Release Date: Jan 2010
Format: Trade Paperback
Series: Sophie Anderson 05
Number of Pages: 464
Price $AUD: $32.99
Categories: Crime / Mystery
Paranormal / Supernatural
Australian Author

"Soon I hear the footsteps again. Definitely more than one set. I push myself harder, run harder. I glance back, hoping they're further away than they sound. But they're closer. Suddenly I come to an abrupt stop, slamming into something. I fall backwards and look up. His face is in shadows, but I can see glistening white teeth as he smiles."

Australian FBI profiler Sophie Anderson is on a new case, and this one is strange, even for Sophie. The victim is found dead in a state park with two puncture wounds on her neck. There is no blood on the scene, but she looks to have been drained.

Is it a straightforward murder investigation, or the result of a ritual performed by LA's secretive population of "vampires"?

Meanwhile, Sophie's new squeeze is in town, and as usual she's hard at work. Will she be able to balance her obsession with the case with her fragile new relationship? And what does she really feel for Anton Ward, the brooding, darkly handsome leader of the bizarre sect who claim to be vampires?

Special Agent Sophie Anderson must put the pieces together, and her feelings aside. If she's wrong, the murderer may walk. If she's right it will be a race against time to find the killer before more innocent girls die.

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