The Tree Singer

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Image of The Tree Singer.

Author: Danny Fahey
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780980634150
Imprint/Brand: Dragonfall Press
Format: A Paperback
Number of Pages: 362
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Book
Australian Author

Jacob is trapped in a dying village. No hope, no friends, no future.

But when Simon the Healer appears everything begins to miraculously transform. The lake, the land and even the villagers themselves blossom into what they should have been all along: beautiful, strong, vital.

Jacob learns the lost art of Tree Singing and suddenly the future opens up for him. He pursues his dream of becoming a great flute maker and Singer to the ancient Baboda trees, while Simon moves on, intent on spreading his healing to other parts of the world.

Dreams, however, are powerful things and often deliver a future in ways unexpected. For every rise there is a fall, and for every fall the path rises to meet us once again.

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