Harmonic & Gig

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Author: R J Astruc
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780980634143
Imprint/Brand: Dragonfall Press
Format: A Paperback
Number of Pages: 365
Price $AUD: $19.95
Categories: Book
Crime / Mystery
Science Fiction
Australian Author

When a territory engineer dies in suspicious circumstances, three qverse experts are brought in to investigate. The first and best of them is Sydney-sider Regina ‘Harmonica' Carter, a middle-aged divorcee presently saddled with her youngest son, Lucas. Her main opposition is long-time rival Felix ‘Gig' McGuiggen, a tortured twenty-something who lives in his parents' basement and believes strongly that his designer genes are the source of all his problems. Last and certainly least is Lloyd ‘Talobos' Hong, a neurotic online transvestite who sublimates his fears with alcohol.

Initially they choose to work separately on the case, but as they continue their investigations they discover clues leading to some of the most powerful figures in the qverse. Soon they realise they are more than just investigating the crime, they are part of it, and part of an even greater scheme to unbalance the long established foundations of the qverse itself.

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