The Wild Road

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Image of The Wild Road.

Author: Jennifer Roberson
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780756408183
Imprint/Brand: Daw
Release Date: 06 Aug 2013
Format: A Paperback
Series: Karavans 03
Number of Pages: 418
Price $AUD: $5.00
Categories: Book

Alisanos, the deepwood, is more than just a forest... is sentient, and predatory. Home to demons and worse, its mercurial boundaries can suddenly shift miles in any direction to encompass previously safe human lands - and those taken by the deepwood are forever changed.

Audrun, a human woman trapped within the forest, is reunited with her four children, only to learn that each has been marked by the deepwood's wild magic. And her newly born fifth child, captured by a winged demon, is still missing. Audrun has sworn to find the infant, but can a mere human possibly hope to outwit the monstrous inhabitants of Alisanos...and the nightmarish deepwood itself?

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