Red Phoenix

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Author: Kylie Chan
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780732282974
ISBN: 0732282977
Imprint/Brand: Voyager
Release Date: Feb 2007
Format: A Paperback
Series: Dark Heavens 02
Number of Pages: 563
Price $AUD: $20.99
Categories: Fantasy
Australian Author

IMMORTALS, MARTIAL ARTS, GODS and DEMONS The intrigue deepens as the demon threat closes around mortals and gods alike... When Emma Donahoe took the position of nanny to John Chen's daughter Simone, she never expected to be caring for the child of a Chinese god, and she didn't expect that demons would want him dead. Nor has moving from nanny to partner in his heavenly realm made Emma's life any easier. Now a powerful race of demons has been created to hunt her and her family from Hong Kong to Europe. And she and Simone have become targets - pawns to be used in a deadly celestial power play.

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