Circle Of Nine

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Author: Josephine Pennicott
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780731811076
ISBN: 0731811070
Imprint/Brand: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: 13 Nov 2001
Format: Paperback
Series: Circle of Nine 1
Price $AUD: $18.95
Categories: Fantasy

Emma Develle is a struggling artist trying to eke out a living in the big city. The violent and apparently supernatural death of her Aunt Joanna begins a strange series of events that will change Emma's life forever. Staying in her Aunt's house, Emma is drawn to a mural that seems to change before her eyes. Like Alice in Wonderland, Emma discovers the doorway to the magical world of Eronth, where ancient goddesses are engaged in a bloody power battle with a clan of fallen angels, the Azephim. These dark angels are intent on charging the sacred Eom crystal, the single source of power for all known worlds. Their possession of this crystal will hurl these worlds into desolation and chaos. Khartyn the Crone and her apprentice Rosedark are Emma's guides in Eronth. Wise Khartyn recognises Emma as the prophesised 'Crossa' -- a time traveller with the ability to prevent the Eom crystal from charging. The Azephim are determined to capture and brainwash Emma to use her as a pawn in their evil and destructive game. Pure gothic fantasy. Cleverly written and constantly referenced to our modern day world.

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