Ciao Amici! 1 Text, CD-ROM and Workbook Pack

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Barcode/ISBN13: 9780731400430
ISBN: 0731400437
Imprint/Brand: Wiley Australia
Release Date: 17 Sep 2003
Format: Trade Paperback
Number of Pages: 340
Weight: 800 grammes
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Categories: Non Fiction

YEARS 7 - 8 Ciao amici! is an exciting new Italian language program written specifically to cover national and state outcomes-based courses. Ciao amici! textbooks are designed as self-contained spreads with high-impact stimulus material, dialogues, language tips, key vocabulary and speaking and listening activities. The books also feature a wide variety of text types, and one of the most comprehensive dictionary and grammar sections ever provided in a French textbook. The Ciao amici! Italian language program also includes: an all-new workbook featuring a variety of text types, and many new listening, writing and revision activities interactive multimedia CD-ROM with hundreds of hands-on activities for students to enjoy as they enhance their skills. Students can record their voice and compare it to a native speaker's, and access all audio files from the textbook and workbook. a website featuring an automated student chatroom where students can talk to the characters in the textbook, a Quizmaster interactive games show, Italian Internet links and much, much more.

This pack contains the textbook, the workbook and the CD ROM disc.

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