Narabedla, Ltd.

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Author: Frederik Pohl
Barcode/ISBN13: 9780345360267
ISBN: 0345360265
Imprint/Brand: Del Rey
Release Date: Mar 1989
Format: A Paperback
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Categories: Book
Science Fiction

A once promising baritone who contracts an illness and loses his voice shortly after receiving an offer from an entertainment troupe, suspects a conspiracy when another musician dies after getting a similar invitation.

Nolly Stennis had been a promising baritone. On the threshold of a great career with Narabedla Ltd., illness had ruined his voice. Then a cellist friend received an offer from Narabedla, only to disappear shortly thereafter. When Nolly set out to investigate, he found intergalatic intrigue beyond imagination. Now Narabedla is determined to keep him quiet -- by making his greatest dreams come true . . .

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