MTG: Innistrad Booster

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Image of MTG: Innistrad Booster.

Barcode/ISBN13: 653569656715
Imprint/Brand: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date: 30 Sep 2011
Series: Magic the Gathering
Price in AUD: $6.95
Categories: Magic: The Gathering

Innistrad features 264 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. It is available in booster packs, intro packs, and fat packs. And for the first time ever, Innistrad brings double-faced cards to Magic.

Horror Lurks Within

Innistrad is a plane of menace and dread where every creature hides a darker aspect. Here, hedonistic vampires stalk the shadows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can transform a simple villager into a savage werewolf. Best to huddle inside, Planeswalker, lest the horrors of this world rend you limb from limb.

Boosters pack of 15 cards sold individually. Image show a whole box of boosters.

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