Science Fiction Bookshop

Infinitas shop front window display. Infinitas is an independent online bookshop selling science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, roleplaying gaming, popular science and other books, artwork, games and figurines. For almost 20 years Infinitas was a small but busy bookshop in Parramatta (Sydney, Australia) and still is well connected to Parramatta. Infinitas has supported the community interested in this genre hosting events and groups, as well as dispatching books daily to readers around Australia and the world.

Saturday Dungeons and Dragons

Our next regular gaming session need a new venue since The Mars Hill Café has closed and The Games Cube is often full of paying customers. Follow the Facebook group for news. Read more...

Virtual tour of old shop

Our Google virtual tour is up on our website, showing our old shop, sadly now closed, but still a cool website feature. For a nostalgic visit to the shop of a few years ago, check it out. Read more...

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